Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saturday and Rain/Cold - Not To Worry!

This is the third logo submitted by Sarah Lavoie for SLOLA - there are subtle differences, and I've heard from several folks with ideas.  What are your thoughts?  (Scroll below to earlier posts for the other two submissions.)  And come to the meeting this Saturday to help us choose! 

The weather folks, who are the ones we think might know something we don't, are all jumping up and down proclaiming a 'storm' for this coming Saturday.  I've held events at The Learning Garden for almost ten years now and I've only seen two events canceled because of rain:  However, I have located a room on campus to hold the SLOLA meeting in if it is raining or too cold for the coming SLOLA meeting - come to the patio where we usually meet and we'll have folks to direct you to the indoor space, it's very close to the patio where we've had the last two meetings.  

We will carry on!  Come on over and join SLOLA, the ground-swell way to deal with the destruction of our food system!

Our proposed agenda will be posted here very soon!  


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