Saturday, November 22, 2014

August 2014 Minutes

As we used to do, we are returning to our promise to make the Board of Directors' meetings available online to be fully transparent.

August meeting - MINUTES
16 August 2014
Meeting began at 1:20pm

Present:  David King, Chair, Lucinda Zimmermann, Treasurer, Patty Kestin, Pat Ruiz, Lori Bennett, Linda Pruess, Kieanna Jolaei, Secretary, Paula Kleihauer, Benita Robinson 

-Board Retreat unfinished business
-Treasurer report $50 towards booth payment
-“Seed of the Season” – What’s its going to be?
-Seed return info sheets
-Printer Fliers status – how many?
-Heritage Expo

-Interim Membership chair (Patty)
-New candidate for Seed Librarian (Pat)
-Notes on Seed Library legalities
-Relating the retreat to the membership

Treasurer's report: $8,161.97
We have been given $50 from people up north towards the Santa Rosa Heirloom Festival booth costs

Discussion: Seed of the Season for Cool season

MOTION: use a pea for the seed of the season, will purchase at the expo, distribute at September meeting. Variety TBD.
September meeting with be about growing & harvesting seeds.
>> tomato testing
>> pea speaker?

Labels with directions re instructions on how to grow and variety

-Seed info sheet / guidelines re returning seeds
>> David & Pat to finish
>> Expect to pass out at September meeting.

MOTION: for 2000 fliers – Linda to order

1:36pm – Albert arrives

-Patty to do PR in interim

-Committee meeting for heirloom festival
>> David, Linda, Lucinda, Albert
>> fix parking, pick displays, Linda to bring posters

MOTION: to make Pat seed librarian
MOTION: confirmed that Kieanna resigns as seed librarian to become Secretary.
MOTION: to reimburse any invited speakers for .50 cents per mile
>> pay for speakers
>> speaker fund $1000 per year to include mileage)

-Budget meeting

MOTION TO ADJOURN by Lori Bennett, seconded by Paula; passed unanimously at 2:05 PM

Respectfully submitted,  
Kieanna Jolaei

TODAYS MEETING: Announcements
-peppers, beans
-Linda speaks about retreat
-Kieanna re volunteers
-Pat new librarian