Saturday, July 27, 2013

Why Seed School

David King receives his Seed School
diploma with obvious pride...
SLOLA's Board has agreed to host Seed School in Los Angeles in February 2014.  Before asking people to sign up for Seed School, we elected to come up with some reasons attending seed school was important. I was priviledged to attend seed school back in 2011 in Tucson.  It was one of the best experiences I've had with groups of people.  If I were listing reasons to attend, I think first of the list would be "The people you'll meet."  I met Bill McDorman and Belle Star, the couple who started seed school before Native Seeds/SEARCH picked it up and who were the principle instructor and facilitator, respectively.  I would list fellow students - all of them - as being reasons unto themselves - I correspond with many of them frequently - as well as students in the other classes - we have a Facebook group and questions and inspirations and learning on seeds is exchanged frequently among those folks.  I've also met some of the other students around at different events - and we are instantly able to find ourselves on the same page.

But these are the reasons compiled by former seed school attendees for you to consider as February 2014 approaches:

  • It makes you a better teacher. My experience with Seed School reminds me of that Albert Einstein quote, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it." At least it's popularly attributed to Einstein.  
  • Gain a greater understanding of the genetics, qualities and magic inherent in seeds as well as learn more insight on how to work with Nature.  
  • You will discover the incredible inspirational potential a single seed holds, which will allow you to discard feelings of being overwhelmed and powerless in the struggle against Big Ag. You will leave Seed School full of wonder and supercharged!
  • Learn how to start and grow your own seed library or exchange.
  • Grasp the idea of seed sheds and their vital importance.
  • Understand the political issues around growing seeds today – the crises that face open pollinated seeds and why they are the most important seeds in the world now. Become conversant in the main concepts around seed sovereignty, patenting, genetic diversity and hybrids
  • Make contact with some of the foremost experts in seed saving and form working relationships with them and your fellow students.
  • Hands on harvesting, winnowing and storing of seeds with supervision that ensures you are getting it right – not learning in a vacuum.
  • Make connections with other seed school attendees – networking with like minded folks from across the world!
  • Learn first hand from some of the best seed teachers on the planet about the heritage that is being squandered and diluted by governments and multinational corporations.
  • Gain confidence in your own seed saving ability and knowledge so you can present this information to those around you.
  • Become a leader in the solution to save open-pollinated seeds; bringing home a new understanding and action plan.
  • Be relevant in solving the seed/food crises without getting into politics or fighting it out with “bad guys.”
  • Be a part of a seed/agricultural revolution! Tell your grandchildren what you did in the battle to save open-pollinated seeds.
  • Become aware of traditional societies' seed beliefs; embracing seeds as sacred to all life and translating those ideas into our modern society.
And this is probably only some of the reasons.  

Mark your calendars to attend Seed School LA February 9 through the 14th, 2014!  We'll see you in Los Angeles.