Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Luddite Indeed: Monsanto Chicanery And Lies Unveiled

In a litigation case involving Monsanto, a Federal judge has unsealed a cache of documents that clearly show Monsanto buying its research and blocking legislation and rules that would impinge on the sales of their popular weed-killing product, Round Up. 

In a green bottle no less!  

For everyone who has opposed Round Up and Monsanto, this is an almost euphoric moment.  We have said all along, the research was flawed, incomplete, inappropriate and inconclusive.  Most of the positive research on glyphosate - Round Up's active ingredient - has been done in the US while research in Europe has often contradicted the American work (see this from the World Health Organization, a project of the UN).  Now, we know why:  Monsanto has spread money through the American research establishment and American Universities! A fact acknowledged for many years and common knowledge among researchers in the biological sciences, to sully Monsanto is a good way to get your funding cut and see your work, along with your reputation, destroyed.  

Personally, this vindication is sweet.  Having been told "my tinfoil cap" was off kilter, called a Luddite and worse and having my photo used to represent the foolish who fail to embrace the future, I have held that there was truth yet to be uncovered.  Boom.  Here it is.  And I'm just as certain this is just the beginning.  Living with Monsanto's creations is NOT the doorway to the future, it is the end of the future.  

What other lies have they told us?  What else have they had swept under the rug for their profits at the expense of the health of our fellow citizens and the human race? 

But beyond that:  this is a condemnation of capitalism; the idea that "profit" or making money, completely justifies all else must die.  This finite world has a message for capitalists where ever they may be and we all must learn to sustain what there is. Do you see the dichotomy?  Supporting "climate change" and ridiculing Monsanto shows the ability to discern "science" done for profit vs. science done for knowledge. 

This is a major step in bringing this monster to heel.  There is much more work to be done - somehow we must get our institutions back from this Goliath that tramples law, decency, truth, justice and simple honesty.  

The one thing I know we can do today, just as I knew it in 2010 is to plant seeds of our food, harvest the food, but save the seeds to plant next year - do not rely on a corporation to maintain your food supply.  You think this is hard?  Not as hard as believing these lies about the efficacy of Round Up in your food supply, the earth and your body.

And, as they say, you get tomatoes.