Tuesday, February 8, 2011

GMO/Monsanto-Free Seed Companies, Seed Starting, and Other “Seedy” Things We Lust After for Spring…

As we are digging ourselves out of the snow banks or watching the flood water recede and preparing for the next winter storm, I will wager dollars to dahlias that we are dreaming of our spring gardens! Isn’t that how gardeners spend their New Years? We can’t help it…seed catalogs of all types are starting to arrive – what one gardener I know calls “gardening porn”. There they are, in all their splendid glory…glossy colorful pictures of our horticultural dreams. Oh the potential, the possibilities of what those seeds could become (or not) in our own gardens. This is how gardeners ring in the New Year! We close our 2010 gardening journals, full of success and, yes, failure, and open 2011′s journal to all those blank pages full of potential! So HGEL’s GroEdibles blog over the next few months (and GRŌ our newsletter) will deal with steps to take to ensure that what comes out of your garden this year looks just as good as those beautiful pictures you’re lusting over right now – site & plant selection, soil preparation, composting (including vermicomposting), irrigation – among other topics. We start, as do all things, with seeds. (more at link above)

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