Monday, February 28, 2011

A Reason to Avoid Genetically Modified Seeds That Isn't Often Mentioned

Actually, more than not mentioned, rarely considered.  I found this op ed piece in the Christian Science Monitor, usually a very conservative publication, to be worthy of note and consideration.  

We already know, or are beginning to learn, the human health cost of GE products - foisted on us by a company that cares nothing for the health of millions of people and condoned by a government bought and paid for by that same company.  Those of us who supported a change in government, are sorely vexed with the coziness of the Obama administration with Monsanto and GE seeds. 

We are also well aware of the dangers posed to the environment and other species by pollen contaminated with altered genetic material.  We know that there is no way to isolate modified organisms that become a part of the food chain; their contamination further contaminates organisms up the food chain until humans consume them.  They further infect wild plants and plants in fields that are designated 'organic.'  Unlike the recent Whole Foods Market statement, there is no way organic farming and gardening can 'peacefully coexist' with genetically modified organisms.  It isn't possible because there are no governmental controls on them.  

Short of a ban on GE (also called GMO), there is no way to insure that these unnatural organisms will not show up in our food supply.  We can oppose Monsanto and other corporations by keeping the Open Pollinated seed lines and land races of seeds alive and flourishing.  It is a truth that no one is growing GMO's in the city - only farmers planting massive acreage are getting GE seed so food grown in the city is certain to be free of genetic manipulation.  

Join the Seed Library of Los Angeles and help us with the seeds that will save civilization when the genetic engineering blows up in our faces.  SLOLA will be here with the seeds we will ALL need.


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