Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monsanto: The Devil Isn't Dead Yet

From Centro de Periodismo Investigativo comes a disturbing story about Monsanto's apparent abrogation of the laws of Puerto Rico in order to produce seeds for their North American market, "'I am not opposed in principle to experiments done with transgenics,' said an agronomist close to the seed business. 'What bothers me is that they are subsidized to produce a product that is not for here, that does not contribute to the local agricultural economy and does not support better wages for farmers who are experiencing a difficult situation, such as coffee farmers.'" 

It is a puzzlement, at least to me, that Monsanto breaks the law because they seem to have paid off enough politicians on the mainland that the law conforms to Monsanto's needs.  Why break it - just buy yourself some more politicians and have them change it in favor of their needs? 

The More we learn about Monsanto, their business practices, their complete preoccupation with making profits at the expense of human health, the environment and any sense of decency, it amazes me that they are allowed to continue to operate with such impunity.  The fallacy that genetically modified seeds produce anything more than misery and environmental degradation are now documented and that they don't feed anyone any better than non-modified seeds is a matter of USDA record.  Time has come to roll back their pollution of the environment - the sooner the better.  We may never be able to recover some of the genetic losses caused by the indiscriminate pollution of their Frankengenes.  

Our work in saving seeds is not done and will not be done.  Monsanto has proven we cannot put our trust in corporations and government to do the right thing as far as our food supply is concerned.  We must continue to be vigilant and responsible for our food supply and that means our seeds. 


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