Friday, November 25, 2011

Another Blow to Monsanto: Roundup Pesticide Linked to Serious Soil Damage

It's hard not to gloat (so pardon me while I gloat).  This bit of news comes from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), one of the most dedicated apologists for Monsanto and proponents of the myth of 'get big or get out' and all the mega-argri-business model of farming that has wrecked the environment, destroyed the economy of middle America, de-populated the small towns and allowed genetic modification to be marketed as a safe and sane way to create more food for Americans to throw away.  
As an organic grower from the early '70's when the organic movement didn't have the science to back it up, I assure one and all that this is but the very beginning of the avalanche of damning reports Monsanto will have to face in the coming years.  It doesn't take a brilliant mind to understand that the methodology employed by Monsanto and their claims ran counter to the ways and means of nature - and if humans have learned anything since they started running around on two legs and began waving the other two in the air, the one sure thing you can't do is fight Mother Nature.  Any thing running counter to Mother Nature will be an expensive and destructive proposition.  And guess what?  Genetic engineering is an expensive and destructive proposition. 
The destruction of the soil and the critters in the soil alone make the use of Roundup a practice that should never have been tolerated.  To join that with  'genetic engineering' that was essential to make a 'working' scheme, was merely a marketing project undertaken by Monsanto to sell more and more Roundup.  There was no thought as to what this would do to the people who used these products, no thought of the damage inflicted on the environment, no consideration of what might happen to the people who consumed these products, no thought about economic consequences for anyone else but Monsanto - the evidence is in the lack of study undertaken on these ramifications BEFORE the marketing of their poisons.  
SLOLA came into being when we began to realize that we could not trust our government to tell us the truth about genetic engineering.  After Vice-president Dan Quayle signed off on the agreement that our government would not regulate GMO crops itself, but would rely on Monsanto and the other companies involved in GMO research would tell us if their products were not as advertised.  

The wolf was put in charge of the hen house.  

SLOLA exists to ensure that the population of Los Angeles can have a source of untainted seeds, seeds that are grown organically and without genetic modifications.  No matter what the ethics of Monsanto or the number of government officials they climb in bed with, as long as SLOLA can, SLOLA will guarantee a modicum of insurance that we can eat GMO free food.
Monsanto's profits are piled high on the misery of mankind and our country embraced these thieves and liars like no other; now here is that same government admitting that Monsanto's products are destroying the soil.  Soil cannot be made in a factory.  Soil takes time to be made - a long time.  Destroying the topsoil ought to be a crime that equates with treason or murder.  It causes more destruction and grief in a country than any act of espionage can ever.  Our society is compromised in many ways by the lies of Monsanto and their allies, including the support of our own USDA for Monsanto and the concept of agri-business.  Both of these have been nothing less than a cancer on our country and our way of life. I wont even try to NOT gloat. 
You simply cannot trust a company (or a government supporting that company) who made (and STILL makes) DDT and Agent Orange, to be responsible or ethical.

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