Wednesday, January 15, 2020

National Seed Swap Day! Jan 25, 2020!

The Seed Library of Los Angeles Invites all seed savers to join in this project. Before bean season starts, we will have an inventory of the beans discribed below, in addition to our own bean, the Pineschi Family Bean.

One Seed One Community aims to strengthen our community by providing
a shared experience in growing nutritious food and saving seeds.

National Seed Swap Day - January 25, 2020

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Happy New Year!

CA Seed Library Network will organize a 2020 statewide CA One Seed One Community project to grow out one endangered heirloom bean variety from seed to seed so that we can save enough seeds to share abundantly and preserve the variety for future generations.

New Year’s Greetings,

National Seed Swap Day is almost here!

It is always the last Saturday of January. This year National Seed Swap Day is on January 25, 2020.

National Seed Swap Day is an excellent time to share beans with your community. 1S1C offers the following suggestions for the coming growing season, but of course you are free to save your community’s One Seed.

Join One Seed One Community in Saving a Row for Diversity to share with neighbors and Seed Libraries. Home gardens are natural harbors of diversity.
Saving and sharing our seeds preserves plant biodiversity and food security.

This year we are suggesting two tracks.

We are suggesting Tuya Gvnagei aka Cherokee Trail of Tears beans from last year for those who would like to continue with last year’s Beans. Studies show evidence of adaptation in the common Bean within three growing seasons.
We are calling this the Adaptation Track.
If you would like to try something different, we are suggesting Jacob’s Cattle Bean, a multipurpose Bush Bean. This is the Diversity Track.
Together let’s:

 Educate our community to grow a bean from seed to seed

Grow one variety as a commitment to earth and food security

Inspire people to fall in love with a seed

Save our heirloom seeds and share them
How will this project work?
  • For basic details of the One Seed One Community project:
  • Cherokee Trail of Tears Beans can be purchased at Seed Savers Exchange
  • Each organization will be in charge of seed distribution and forwarding informational emails to their community.
  • Please respond to this email with your questions or readiness to sign up.
California Seed Libraries and other interested groups are invited to sign up for this project and engage their community members to Save a Row for Diversity.
Join us to encourage our community to save one seed together. More Seed Savers equals more Diversity! Click here to join.
Hillie Salo – Silicon Valley Grows
Sara McCamant – Community Seed Exchange
Elizabeth Johnson – SLO Seed Exchange
Rebecca Newburn – Richmond Grows

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