Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SLOLA Heads Up To Heirloom Expo

(We have been a little too silent on the blog for the last while.  Some things have cleared up and now we hope to have more consistent posting on this blog.  Look forward to postings of the SLOLA newsletter as well as monthly minutes of the board meetings, advice on seed saving, articles and opinions on seed saving and diversity as well as some off topic humor and observations.Sorry to have been away, but too many good things were happening!)

SLOLA will be participating in our 6th Annual Heirloom Expo - this is the 7th annual Expo, we missed the first, but we've not missed since.  

The SLOLA booth is on the southeast side of Grace Pavilion.  Come by, say hi, get some free seeds and, if you feel so inclined, help us in the booth - this year we have shortage of volunteers, so any and all help will be appreciated - if you are from a different seed library, bring your flies and we'll pass them out too!  This isn't a competition - we want all of us to win!  

Founding Chair David King will be speaking on Tuesday on Pollination in the City (the alternate name for the presentation is Pollination - Sex In The City!)  All the information available on pollination distances is from research farms, which is not the same ecosystem we face in the city.  There are more questions than answers at this time, but if you are growing for seed in a city, this presentation will give you stuff to chew on!

There are many wonderful speakers every year and this year we are treated to Anna Peach, Larry Korn, Jared Zystro, and Vandana Shiva ampng many others of our favorite speakers. Panels and workshops and activites and fun.  If you are a 'seedhead' or just inclined to be a part of the food producing world, you owe it to yourself to drop out!  You'll be very glad you did.  

Look for more postings on this and other topics.


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