Thursday, May 9, 2013

Millions March Against Monsanto Worldwide

(Fighting Monsanto's GMO technology is one of the most powerful motivating factors to forming a seed library.  The Seed Library Of Los Angeles holds as a core belief that our way of life and open pollinated seed are at risk as long as GMO plants are allowed to corrupt our plants with GMO pollen.  We believe that Los Angeles needs to be declared a GMO Free Zone that outlaws the planting of any GMO crop that might pollinate our crops. In keeping that in mind, we support this March against Monsanto.)

Every major city in the World is demonstrating against the deceit and coverups that chemical companies have been committing during the last 20 years regarding GMO's in our food supply. 

Monsanto & associates spent multi-millions to stop Prop 37 in California 
by lying to consumers and convincing the public that they don't need labeling of GMO's.
Vote with your dollars and eliminate these companies from your shopping list.

Monsanto has Congress in their pocket, recently passing HR 933 with section 735, referred
to as the Monsanto Protection act,

that puts Monsanto above Federal courts.  

It's time to take back what is naturally ours and that is our right to clean, fresh, wholesome foods without GMO's.

Show the world how important this issue is to you and your family.
United we are stronger!
Saturday May 25th
Los Angeles

Start gathering between 9 - 11 am

Then we march to Spring Street and the Rally 

Sign up Today!

Get your local media personalities involved via Facebook
Spread the word . . . . 

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  1. Seeds are the beginning of life. Monsanto is the death of nature. We need to raise awareness and take back our natural habitat from the chemical mobsters. I'll be there on May 25th