Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prop 37 Attracts Money To Defeat It

    Non-GMO tomatoes. I know. I grew 'em myself!
    The shouting has yet to really start and already startling amounts of money are being reportedly spent on behalf of defeating Prop 37, the labeling of GMO food in California. That there is money to oppose this law is of no surprise, but the amount of money is somewhat disconcerting. At the top of the list, of course, is MONSANTO COMPANY. Monsanto checks in at a cool $4,208,000.00! Those of us who have spent some time opposing Monsanto are not surprised that they are the number one opponent. Monsanto has spent a good deal of their profits in lawsuits and litigation is practically their middle name. I do not for one second doubt that they are already preparing a court case to stall Prop 37 if it does pass. The one consistency of the Monsanto corporation is it's willingness to spend money to stop bad press or to enforce their vision of the world. They share a remarkable similarity to Scientology in that way, but I do not want to disparage Scientology, they haven't, as far as I know, gone out of their way to wreck the ecology of the planet in a mad dash for profit and world control.

    E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS & CO. comes in as an incredibly close second at $4,025,200.00. They are another agricultural powerhouse in the GMO marketplace.That DuPont and Monsanto have a lot to loose is obvious. First off, a number of Americans, once they know their food does, in fact, contain GMO ingredients, are going to question the safety of GMOs and will get the shock of their lives when they learn that the safety cannot be vouched for – it is not necessary to prove a genetically modified organism is safe; the American government allows the companies to pretend that it's the same thing as an equal non-GMO. GMO rice = non-GMO rice in every way; in every substance and in every component.

    They are, however, so unique they can be patented. Which is it really?

    Obviously the money says, these companies are not only convinced their GMO products are unique but likely to be found dangerously unique and so are spending money to avoid the eventual court cases over damages and possibly wrongful death.

    And if that is true of DuPont and Monsanto, I think this logic applies to these following corporations even more so:  PEPSICO, INC. $1,716,300.00; BASF PLANT SCIENCE $1,642,300.00; BAYER CROPSCIENCE $1,618,400.00; DOW AGROSCIENCES LLC $1,184,800.00; NESTLE USA, INC. $1,169,400.00; COCA-COLA NORTH AMERICA $1,164,400.00; CONAGRA FOODS $1,076,700.00

    Truly, if Pepsi and Coke had no lawsuits like that to worry about, why in the world would they spend so much of their investor's profits to defeat a simple bill to label?

    The truth that I see is they have nothing to hide. Today. Many Americans will ingest GMO food without a second thought if it is cheaper than the non-stuff. If you are addicted to Pepsi or Coke, you will drink your Pepsi or Coke no matter what is in it – as a serous ex-smoker, I can tell you I smoked cigarettes for over ten years after I decided it was killing me. Why? Because I had to fight the addiction. It took me over 14 years of fighting to quit, before I finally did quit; and for years afterward I would subconsciously feel my shirt pocket and think, “Oh damn, I've left my cigarettes at home...”

    So GMO or not, people are going to drink their sodas despite the GMO label.

    No they are scared that with the label, when science finally catches up to GMO effects on our bodies, the lawsuits will come screaming. Children today will come up sterile – how much would that be worth in a court of law?

    Sadly the time is coming when truth will catch up with GMOs. The truth stands to wreck the US economy worse than George Bush could ever do. Our grain will find no importing country and our people will not want to eat it or the animals fed on it. The grain eventually will be considered as toxic as atomic waste with a half life that is not dissimilar.

    The effect on our agricultural economy will be devastating. There is so little non-GMO seed available, grocery shelves of prepared foods that use rice, soybeans and corn will be bereft. New solutions will have to be found to put food back on the shelf until enough pure seed can be produced to make these foods again. This could be a time of revolution; revolting against being a consumer society into a net producer society where almost everyone has some hand in producing his or her food; where we travel to a store that is almost equidistant from the makers of the food itself and not some 2400 miles away; where we eat seasonally and we eat available food. A new paradigm of 'food' is needed in this country and we are at the brink of the flash that will make it so. Labeling GMOs is just the first step.

    Vote for Prop 37 in November. Start the revolution! Vote for Prop 37!


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