Monday, August 22, 2011

National Corn Day in Mexico

The Yellow of Sunflowers Standing Tall with the Corn
Campaña Sin Maíz, No Hay País which translated to English means "Without Corn, There is No Country Campaign" is the name of a Mexican organization that works to fight climate change and GMO's in their country.  Their website can be accessed in English using Google Translate and gives you the list  of their organizational goals, which align, I'd say, pretty closely to SLOLA's. They are calling the 29th of September Día Nacional del Maíz; National Corn Day.

Corn, like all other plant, has no recognition of national boundaries - I'd like all Angelenos to say a prayer for corn and eat something made from corn on that day.  Take a moment to read this page with it's references to the importance of corn to the historic peoples of the area we call Mexico.  

Better yet, read The Story of Corn by Betty Fussell - a great read that I tore through a couple of years ago.  She shows the history of corn is as much spiritual as it is gastronomic and tells a fascinating story in hard to put down kind of read!  

Corn, like no other, is the plant upon which our country's economy is based and, with ever increasing genetic modification, covers thousands of acres with a uniform, not diverse, genetic population. Which means it is all susceptible to the same pathogen.  All it would take is one pathogen that likes those genetics and our all dinner plates suffer.  Think of the damage to our economy for one corn crop failure!  Would make the bank's collapse seem like a bad day at the office.  Real value is our ability to eat.


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