Friday, August 11, 2017

Some Lovely Seed Saving Resources

Agricultural Resources Service Germplasm Resource Information Network ARS-GRINThis is a government depository of seeds – mostly commercial crops and mostly grain crops. However, if you have a project and you need some 'germplasm' (AKA seeds), a simple email request and they will send you a packetful – my wheat seed (Federation 41) was an accession from California, grown prior to 1942.

Association Kokopelli  Very much like the Seed Savers' Exchange in America, Association Kokopelli, a non-profit organization in France, was set up in 1999 to take up the torch of Terre de Semences, which was forced to close down by a ministerial decree (Ministry of Agriculture) with draconian conditions for the legal registration of ancient vegetable v arieties in "A List for Amateur Varieties." Association Kokopelli since 1999, has blossomed all over Europe presenting an imposing collection of ancient vegetable varieties. Many members of the Association are very deeply involved in the protection of alimentary biodiversity and the safeguarding of traditional varieties.

***Organic Seed Alliance  One of the premier sources for information and assistance – these are the folks that put out the seed saving manual I use in my classes. They have a lot of good solid information that we all want to use. Blog posts are terrific!!***

SeedAmbassadors Project  From Oregon, this is a comprehensive seed site with seeds sorted into the Easy and Hard to save categories. They offer workshops and tours of their 'Open Oak Farm' near Eugene. 

Seed Library of Los Angeles, SLOLA  Some very good information on seed saving and definitely oriented to our climate and our urban ecology.

Seed Savers Exchange  This is out Granddaddy of seed saving outfits in the United States. Membership is currently $50 (I've been a member since it was $25/year). They have an amazing amount of diversity in their catalog, but the true strength of SSE is the members that offer seed in their annual Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook. It is a gold mine that is very beneficial. They have also started carrying a selection of seed saving items (like those shown in the workshop).

SlowFood USA  It is hoped we can align our efforts with Slow Food USA to gain a greater audience and get our message out loud and clear.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange  I like the fact that they carry seed saving supplies. I got my corn shoot and silk bags from these folks. And they do have some very different varieties – this is where I originally found the lettuce: Drunken Woman Frizzy Head! Also carries supplies for seed saving. An excellent resource.  

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