Monday, June 20, 2011

The Seed Industry

From this morning's brainstorming session, reasons why we dislike Genetically Modified Organisms, especially Monsanto.  It was at my insistence that 'Evil' was added to the list; no other word describes my perception of companies that strive to be in control of the world's seed supply.

91% of the soybean crop in the US today is GMO
85% of the corn crop is GMO

Have you heard of the 1986 Coordinated Framework Regulation of Biotechnology?  Do you know what it means?

These are a few of the points covered this morning.  I am having to write this on my lunch break as I will be having dinner with some friends this evening.

While there is a lot of really distressing information around seed companies and the way seeds are purveyed today, there is also a groundswell of really good work going on right now.  The sad thing is that it represents such a small portion of the total seed produced.  That smallness also keeps us off the radar of regulators and that is good. 

Class is getting ready to start again - I'll write again with more soon!


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