Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden Talk with David King Recap from 6-1-13

Juane Flamme Tomatoes were our first crop
this year.
Plants that thrive together in your garden was the topic of the 1st Saturday "Garden Talk" at the Learning Garden with David King sharing his wealth of plant knowledge.

Along with hands on in the garden we received a Companion Planting Chart for Veggies, a guide that will come in handy with the prefers and the unfers, that you'll need when welcoming new varieties into your garden.  Some advantages of companion planting is that you can discourage pests with certain plants and you won't drain the soil of nutrients when you plant two or more companions plants with different needs.

It's that time, to finish harvesting the "cool season crops" like broccoli & cabbage. Did you plant garlic last Sept/Oct? it's time to harvest, when all the tops have turned brown. 

The "hot season crops" like tomatoes & squash should already be planted. The natural balance of all things Mother Nature has created, brings us in touch with the patience we need to let things happen naturally and remain flexible, by following our senses. Our taste buds know the natural sweetness when you pick that first ripe tomato off the vine and it doesn't even make it to the table.
We all received an heirloom tomato plant for our garden today.

For more info and to sign up for How To Grow Food in Southern CA.

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